Comedian Michelle Tomko Joins E2 Live!

E2 Live! is excited to add another comedian to the roster!

Michelle Tomko’s comedy is a fervent blend of tomboy sensibilities courtesy of the older brothers she grew up with in the Midwest and the barrage of peri-menopausal chaos the East Coast world has heaped upon her. She pulls her humor from everyday observations and classic stories of family, travel, pets, and adversity. With razor-sharp crowd work and improvisational skills to the rock-solid timing of a veteran performer, Michelle’s act is not to be missed!

For more information or to bring Michelle to your campus, please contact E2 Live! at 315-468-0769 or

Soul/Rock Band Bassel & the Supernaturals Joins E2 Live!

E2 Live! is excited to announce the addition of 6-person band Bassel & the Supernaturalts to the E2 Live! roster!

Syrian heart, Midwestern soul. Bassel Almadani’s roots run deep in the music world, where at age 10 he learned how to play the violin before tackling the drums. In 2003, he picked up a guitar and quickly began writing & performing his own music. After recording two studio albums, countless tour dates, and moving from Ohio to Chicago, Bassel & the Supernaturals was born – think Stevie Wonder meets Steely Dan’s “Aja.” Their soulful music draws a deep connection between the ongoing chaos in his parents’ homeland of Syria and his personal challenges in the US – including a massive house fire and the theft of his automobile. In addition to performing in clubs and festivals across the nation, Bassel has partnered with universities and charity organizations to host seminars and benefit concerts drawing attention to the Syrian Crisis along with issues related to Arab/Muslim-American hostility in the US.

For more information or to bring Bassel & the Supernaturals to your campus, please contact E2 Live! at 315-468-0769 or

Singing Duo HelenaMaria Joins E2 Live!

E2 Live! is thrilled to announce the addition of duo HelenaMaria to the E2 Live! roster!

HelenaMaria is comprised of identical twin sisters, Helena and Maria Mehalis, born and raised in New Jersey and now currently in Los Angeles, CA. The girls started out playing piano at the age of four and later picked up the guitar in high school which inspired them to start writing their own songs. In 2006, Helena and Maria recorded their first album, “Serene,” consisting of all original material. Their newer releases include “Dusk To Dawn” produced by Grammy Award winning producer Toby Gad, “Knockout,” “Burn For Me,” and “Live My Life For Me,” which evokes melodic danceable, pop-rock, all of which can be found on iTunes and AmazonMP3 worldwide.

HelenaMaria have been featured with a performance and interview on the radio show “On-Air With Ryan Seacrest” on 102.7 KIIS FM, and their music has been heard in MTV’s “The Hills” and several feature films. They also have been featured as guests on several broadcasts, such as the CW Morning News and CBS Philadelphia’s “Sunday Morning Kickoff Show.” Helena and Maria are also actresses and models and have appeared on various projects in film, commercials, and television shows.

With over 30 million internet views on their YouTube videos, HelenaMaria have also gained success with their cover renditions by some of their favorite artists, which can be found on iTunes and their YouTube channel (HelenaMariaMusic). Blending pop and emotion, HelenaMaria’s unique style is embellished with harmonies that define their sound. Although the girls may be identical in looks and skills on the piano and guitar, the major difference between them is that they are mirror images of each other. (Maria plays guitar left-handed, and Helena plays right-handed).

For more information or to bring HelenaDuo to your campus, please contact E2 Live! at 315-468-0769 or

Comedian Jason Thomas Mayfield Joins E2 Live!

E2 Live! is excited to announce the addition of comedian Jason Thomas Mayfield to the roster!

Jason Thomas Mayfield is a comedian, and storyteller living in Brooklyn. He regularly performs all over the country. Known for being loud and energetically awkward, his unique style of genuine storytelling will leave you feeling moved, and not sure whether you’re laughing or crying.  It’s important you also know he was Vice President of his high school thespian troupe.

For more information or to bring Jason to your campus, please contact E2 Live! at 315-468-0769 or

Singer/Songwriter Liv Lombardi joins E2 Live!

E2 Live! is thrilled to announce the addition of singer/songwriter Liv Lombardi to the roster!

Liv Lombardi was on the tour circuit in the US and Europe for two years and now lives and performs in the greater New York City area. Her soulful singer-songwriter style and her powerful desire to open peoples’ hearts to love has taken her to places far and wide. Her music is inspired by travels, people she meets and the knowledge that love exists in the world. Her message is one of hope and power and new beginnings and wanderlust.

Liv’s debut album “Self-Medicate” won the 2013 New Mexico Music Award for Best Pop CD, while NPR’s John Schaefer has described her sound as “jangly-folk-rock.” Liv’s music is bright and warm and open to the world around her.  She is a performer, a storyteller, and an open heart.

For more information or to bring Liv to your campus, please contact E2 Live! at 315-468-0769 or

Grace Bernicker joins E2 Live!

E2 Live! is thrilled to announce the addition of country singer Grace Bernicker to their roster!

Grace Bernicker is a passion driven, straight from the heart country/pop singer and songwriter, hailing from Havertown, PA, a small town right outside Philadelphia. Her music has been described as having a strong lyrical quality, that at once paints a picture and shares a story with her audience. Her style is a complex blend of girl-next-door sweetness meets the high energy kick of a Sugarland tune, with songs falling into the soulful strains of Bonnie Raitt and Martina McBride. Grace recently released her first three debut singles, all of which where recorded down in Nashville. All songs were produced and co-written by her co-writer/producer Kenny Lamb (N’SYNC/Justin Timberlake/Rhett Akins) with engineering and mixing by Chris Rowe (Taylor Swift/Jewel). Grace is making headway as an independent country artist in the ever changing music scene.

For more information or to bring Grace to your campus, please contact E2 Live! at 315-468-0769 or

Nicole Kelly, Miss Iowa 2013, joins E2 Live!

E2 Live! is EXCITED to announce the addition of Ncolei Kelly to our talented list of performers!

Nicole Kelly, Miss Iowa 2013, was born without her left forearm. (Although, when people ask her what happened to her arm, she likes to ask, “Well, what do you think happened?” Her favorite explanation to date has been that it was bitten off by a shark…a perfect explanation for someone from Iowa.) As she grew older, she learned to offset the initial stares she received from people with an outgoing personality that would not give in to “No.” This meant that Nicole tried everything! From baseball, to dance to diving, there was nothing Nicole would not try. She found her passion within a world where she was giving people permission to stare…the stage.

To view a short video of Nicole, click here.

For more information, or to bring Nicole to your campus, please contact E2 Live! at 315-468-0769 or

Musician Amanda Rogers Joins E2 Live!

E2 Live! is pleased to announce the addition of Musician Amanda Rogers!

Often compared to the likes of Tori Amos for her fairy esthetic and classical roots, Tom Waits for her dark and literary lyrics, and Carole King for her Tin Pan Alley Pop sensibility – upstate NY native, Amanda Rogers, has evolved in her 15 year musical journey.  Her self paved career path as an original and independent touring and recording artist includes multiple international tours as a solo, a folk duo as well as a full rock band.   Her recording background includes 9 albums with her latest 2013 double-album release “WILD”.

To Book Amanda Rogers please contact the office at 315-468-0769 or email

E2 Live! is EXCITED to Announce the Addition of Speed Painter Tom Varano!!!

E2 Live! is excited to announce that Speed Painter Tom Varano has joined E2 Live!

Using fingertips, palms and multiple brushes, Tom paints portraits of famous people on a four foot by five foot canvas in just a matter of minutes. His creations are choreographed to loud music that is powerful and stimulates the senses. Tom’s Emotion Into Art™ is described as taking his audience through an amazing journey of excitement, suspense, cheer, motivation and surprise. His ability to captivate his audience and share the experience of color, music, and action is a way to bring people into the world of art, inspiration and creativity.

Most people have seen Tom’s style of performance painting on TV or the Internet, now see it live on your campus or at your next Corporate function.

Team Building & Leadership Training with Dan Davis

Dan Davis provides the ultimate team building and leadership challenge! A “thunderstorm” of activities and stories that will elicit human change. Dan engages participants in individual and group experiential challenges that allow them to succeed beyond their own expectations, self-imposed blocks, and barriers, thus creating increased levels of trust and awareness of leadership and leadership styles. His activities are so compelling and theatrical, and his message so gut-wrenching, his audience is mesmerized. Be ready to play, to laugh, to cry and most important to change and grow.

Dan Davis can tailor any program to fit your needs, whether multiple days, one day, or even a half day Dan Davis’ programs will be sure to re-energize and reinvigorate your group.

For more information on Dan’s possible programs please visit his webpage.