Dan Davis

Interested in bringing Dan in for The Hyphen and Team Building? Dan is available to do both programs in one day! Contact us for more details!

Dan Davis provides Pre- and Post- Assessment for ALL Team Building and Leadership Training.

Dan Davis | Team Building & Leadership Training
Dan Davis provides the ultimate team building and leadership challenge! A “thunderstorm” of activities and stories that will elicit human change. Dan engages participants in individual and group experiential challenges that allow them to succeed beyond their own expectations, self-imposed blocks, and barriers, thus creating increased levels of trust and awareness of leadership and leadership styles. His activities are so compelling and theatrical, and his message so gut-wrenching, his audience is mesmerized. Be ready to play, to laugh, to cry and most important to change and grow.

Programs Offered:
Being a leader is all about attitude.” My Only Obstacle Must Be Attitude.”  This workshop is about learning why teams lack “stickiness”, meaning they fall apart when the going gets tough. Everyone wants to teach you about teambuilding activities but what is the right attitude when you present?  How do you deal with group members attitudes; learn how to use your group’s life experiences as a bridge for producing messages that result in a personal connection to positive empowerment.  M.O.O.M.B.A. is learning how to uncover, recover, and discover the tools and building a road map or building a team. The power of “attitude” is the vehicle that will engage personal resources of your team members.

Team Development, Team Culture, and Team Building
This one day program is a “Real and Valued Team Building Day” to produce benchmarks and opportunities for the coaches to observe their team in an “Observation Bubble” on how they perform under stress. It is what I call a “Strength Based Wrap Around Team Building Training” where I focus on the positive attributes and characteristics of the team and strengthen those to produce a better team by means of adventure based activities.

Prescription for a Healthy Team
Do you have an unhealthy team? Learn the tools and art of building a healthy team.  If you’re going to be a leader, learn how to write a prescription for a healthy group. It is one of the most important tools between you and your team members.  Dan presents a passionate, energetic and interactive workshop that provides insight into how to accurately diagnosis your group or team. Learn how to avoid undesirable and/or serious effects on your team as a leader by creating useful measurable performance goals. Learn the importance of the prescription.  It provides a standard language and builds a healthy discussion about what is ailing the group. This workshop provides the how to build preventative measures and possible cures that can lead to a healthy team.

Leadership the Cutting Edge
This presentation is the “emotional paint” needed to effectively make a difference leading a group, club or team. Perfect for student leaders, Greeks, and athletic teams, this keynote is designed to increase the ability of participants to be powerfully effective leaders. Self-limiting destructive behaviors coupled with information on resiliency provides a clear road map for fostering healthy development. This presentation crosses all boundaries and provides skills, strategies on dealing with dysfunctional behaviors. Dan will have you laughing, crying and wanting more. The program is on the cutting edge of innovative “out of the box” thinking skills for increasing teamwork.

Previous Schools
Brookdale Community College (NJ)
Clarkson University (NY)
Lewis & Clark College (OR)
Penn State University (PA)
Quinnipiac University (CT)
Rochester Institute of Technology (NY)
Rutgers University (NJ)
St. Lawrence University (NY)
SUNY Canton (NY)
SUNY Cobleskill (NY)
SUNY Potsdam (NY)
Syracuse University (NY)
University of Illinois
University of Massachusetts (MA)

Dan had worked with our assistant coach when he was a player at Clarkson.  Our assistant coach had great things to say about him and we were fortunate enough to spend a day with Dan.  From the first activity we did, the biggest thing that I took away from our experience with Dan is that it was revealing.  He put our guys in many different situations, some physical and some mental and everywhere in between.  He quickly identified problem areas in how we were operating and helped to shine light on the reasons why we may have been struggling at times.  From the first moment that he stepped into our lockeroom, he had our team’s full attention.  He is experienced in his field and will build his program to suit your particular team’s needs.  It was a great experience for our group and we will definitely be using his services moving forward.
~ Nick Carrier, Head Men’s Ice Hockey Coach, Buffalo State College

“Dan understands team dynamics. His programs ‘make a difference’, and my team has learned the power of leadership. Dan has made appropriate adjustments in his program to satisfy each team’s goals.”

~ Rick Seeley, Head Coach Women’s Ice Hockey, Quinnipiac University

“Dan’s success starts with a remarkable ability to connect with students regardless of their ethnicity, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, and motivational level.”
~ Mike Wasserman, Associate Professor, Clarkson University