Dustin Dean | Mindreader

Dustin Dean is a mentalist that has astounded many with his mindreading and intuitive abilities.

Dustin was born and raised in Syracuse, NY. He has been performing magic and mentalism almost his entire life. Not only has Dustin performed for many audiences, but he has created his own routines and has written four books on the topic of mentalism. These books are sold worldwide on magic websites to other mentalists/magicians. One of these works was a top seller and even reviewed by America’s Got Talent finalist, Mentalist Oz Pearlman.

Dustin Dean typically enjoys working up close and personal with guests. He can hop from table to table or even stay in one place and let those interested come to him. He gives extremely accurate readings and uses his intuition to guess things like; Star Signs, names of loved ones, pass codes, and much more! He also uses hypnosis and can even bend metal or move things with his mind!

Not looking for the up close and personal style of performance? Dustin has a 60-minute stage show titled “Dustin Dean: Decide”, which focuses on the choices and decisions that people make and the lasting impact they can have.

Dustin Dean specializes in adjusting to his client’s needs and expectations. He understands that every event is different and he is willing to do what is best to make the guests happy.

Accepting Spring Dates Now!

Syracuse University (NY)
SUNY Morrisville (NY)
Farmingdale State University (NY)
Misericordia University (PA)
Rochester Institute of Technology (NY)
SUNY Brockport (NY)