Joe Showers | Juggler


Coming from a small town and having no brothers or sisters makes a person…bored. What you do with this boredom is up to you. Joe Showers decided to channel his boredom into every neat ability he could learn. After being named “Class Clown” and “Most Talkative” as high school senior superlatives, and learning tons of new useless tricks, professional juggling was the only career path he could have picked. All he wants to do now is spread his love doing amazing things you’ve probably never seen before to as many people as possible, while making them die with laughter along the way. If you’ve ever wanted to see the impossible, made comical, look no further.

Aquinas College (MI)
Misericordia University (PA)
Rochester Institute of Technology (NY)
University of Akron (OH)

2015 NACA Mid Atlantic Festival
2013 NACA Mid American Regional Conference – Roving Alternate
2013 NACA Northeast Regional Conference – Roving Showcase
2013 NACA Mid Atlantic Regional Conference – Roving Alternate
2013 NACA Mid Atlantic Festival