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Liv Lombardi is a folk/soul/rock songstress most recently based out of Northern New Jersey. A self-taught guitarist, Liv has been playing music, singing, and entertaining audiences all of her life. In 2012, she graduated from Santa Fe University of Art and Design with a degree in Theater Performance. Her skill and precision for stage acting shines through during her performances which are filled with humorous interactions with the audience and an electrifying stage presence that captivates all who watch.  NPR’s John Schaefer has described her sound as “jangly folk rock” while fans and followers have deemed her music as being smooth, bright and light-hearted.  With the soul of artists like Tracy Chapman or Ray LaMontagne, Liv is sure to make you feel at home inside her heart felt lyrics and crooning vocals.

Liv released her debut album, “Self-Medicate” (WINNER OF 2013 NEW MEXICO MUSIC AWARD – BEST POP CD) in late September 2012 and followed up the release with a three week tour of the western U.S.  With the addition of a full band on the album’s tracks, Liv has people wondering if there is anything she cannot take on.  Her persistence and D.I.Y. attitude landed her an opening spot for the national touring queer Hip-Hop duo “God-Des & She” in March of 2012.  Her newest release, “The Unraveler” was recorded in Dallas, Texas as part of her “Southwest Sojourn Tour.”  This five-song EP was recorded, mixed, mastered and released in only 48 hours.  In March of 2014, “The Unraveler” was re-released with the addition of a new, never before heard song that Liv co-wrote and recorded in Berlin, Germany with indie-rock producer, Gogo. Liv has played extensively around the United States, and in the Fall of 2013 she returned to the US after two back to back tours in Europe – 10 countries in more than 25+ cities.  Liv has been featured in the Santa Fe Reporter, Seattle Weekly, KBAC Radio Free Santa Fe, Biligi Radio (Istanbul, Turkey), and AmsterdamFM (Amsterdam, NL).

Thursday, November 9: Penn State University – Brandywine

Santa Fe University of Art & Design (NM)
European University (Cyprus)
Biligi University (Istanbul)

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