MoZaic Joins E2 Live!

E2 Live! is happy to announce the addition of MoZaic to their roster!

MoZaic has always been a lover of music. From dancing as hard as she could at family functions to rapping lyrics on her toy recording machine, MoZaic first started out by singing leads in her choir in church. This was when she realized that singing was her saving grace. She believes that sound and melody have healing elements. MoZaic received a guitar for her 21st birthday, and it was then that her life changed forever. She sings to evoke feelings in a numb society. Being MoZaic truly means being comprised of many elements such as organic but edgy sound, with a hippies laid back demeanor and the wild passion of a rockstar. All of these make up…MoZaic…blended pieces to make art…art is music!!! “Feel me or Feel me Not!”

MoZaic recently showcased at APCA Nationals in Atlanta, GA. For more information regarding MoZaic please contact E2 Live! at 315-468-0769.