NOMO has been performing magic since the young age of six, and with a combination of his performances and mentoring of professionals such as Jim Karol and the Amazing Kreskin, NOMO presents a performance that ensures a funny, astonishing, everlasting impression for any audience. Whether it is an elementary school, college audience, or business corporation, NOMO has a variety of magic to entertain all age groups.

In 2013 NOMO came two feet short from beating the world record for the farthest playing card thrown reaching a total length of 214 feet and four inches, exceeding more than 71 yards; NOMO almost threw a single playing card the length of a football field. This distance is farther than the longest field goal kick in NFL history of 64 feet.

If throwing a playing card farther than the longest field goal in NFL history isn’t impressive enough, then slicing bananas in half and piercing through the skin of watermelons, pumpkins, and apples, using only a playing card is just some of the entertainment provided by NOMO. NOMO’s unique ability to throw cards, perform impressive and self-created magic, the ability to juggle knives on fire, and his ability to rap are only some of the talents wrapped up into this one man.

He also utilizes lessons learned from his hard life struggles and incorporates some of the lessons into a motivational speech that is intertwined with each performance.  NOMO has learned how to overcome some of life’s toughest struggles and truly believes that, “if you can’t change the outcome, then change your attitude”.  NOMO has developed an album called, “NOMO STRUGGLES” which contains 14 songs which he raps about overcoming difficult situations.  He believes, “no matter how bad you have it, someone has it worse. And they’re still doing it”.

In one of his lines from his album, NOMO says, “Everybody goes through some struggles, but only certain raindrops form a puddle. What I mean is only a few make it big from a struggle, so find your team, find your dream, and form your huddles.” So taking his own advice, NOMO has developed a team for his magic show in which the theme is dreams do come true.

Cazenovia College (NY)
Columbia Greene Community College (NY)
Frostburg State University (MD)
Misericordia University (PA)
Morrisville State College (NY)

Turning Stone Resort & Casino