Nicole Kelly, Miss Iowa 2013, joins E2 Live!

E2 Live! is EXCITED to announce the addition of Ncolei Kelly to our talented list of performers!

Nicole Kelly, Miss Iowa 2013, was born without her left forearm. (Although, when people ask her what happened to her arm, she likes to ask, “Well, what do you think happened?” Her favorite explanation to date has been that it was bitten off by a shark…a perfect explanation for someone from Iowa.) As she grew older, she learned to offset the initial stares she received from people with an outgoing personality that would not give in to “No.” This meant that Nicole tried everything! From baseball, to dance to diving, there was nothing Nicole would not try. She found her passion within a world where she was giving people permission to stare…the stage.

To view a short video of Nicole, click here.

For more information, or to bring Nicole to your campus, please contact E2 Live! at 315-468-0769 or

Musician Amanda Rogers Joins E2 Live!

E2 Live! is pleased to announce the addition of Musician Amanda Rogers!

Often compared to the likes of Tori Amos for her fairy esthetic and classical roots, Tom Waits for her dark and literary lyrics, and Carole King for her Tin Pan Alley Pop sensibility – upstate NY native, Amanda Rogers, has evolved in her 15 year musical journey.  Her self paved career path as an original and independent touring and recording artist includes multiple international tours as a solo, a folk duo as well as a full rock band.   Her recording background includes 9 albums with her latest 2013 double-album release “WILD”.

To Book Amanda Rogers please contact the office at 315-468-0769 or email

Team Building & Leadership Training with Dan Davis

Dan Davis provides the ultimate team building and leadership challenge! A “thunderstorm” of activities and stories that will elicit human change. Dan engages participants in individual and group experiential challenges that allow them to succeed beyond their own expectations, self-imposed blocks, and barriers, thus creating increased levels of trust and awareness of leadership and leadership styles. His activities are so compelling and theatrical, and his message so gut-wrenching, his audience is mesmerized. Be ready to play, to laugh, to cry and most important to change and grow.

Dan Davis can tailor any program to fit your needs, whether multiple days, one day, or even a half day Dan Davis’ programs will be sure to re-energize and reinvigorate your group.

For more information on Dan’s possible programs please visit his webpage.

Ghost Cop Stacey Jones Perfect for October!!!

Looking for Halloween programming ideas??? Ghost Cop Stacey Jones is PERFECT for your campus.

Stacey Jones has been featured on Discovery Channel’s “Ghost Hunter”, “Hidden Terror”, and two episodes of “A Haunting”. Stacey was also featured on Coast to Coast with George Noory where he proclaimed Stacey’s “Horrific EVP” as the most profound piece of ghost evidence to date.

Stacey Jones has been fascinated with claims of hauntings since she was 6 when her mom recounted her own true tale. She grew up, became a cop, but never lost her passion for the unexplained. Stacey started her group Central NY Ghost Hunters after responding to an “unexplained noises” complaint from a single mom of 3 young boys. She found no explanation for the noises, but suspected the house may have been haunted. The mother and boys fled the house, and Stacey vowed she would help those who needed it and a “Ghost Cop” was born.

Stacey is the nation’s leading female paranormal investigator and is well respected in the Paranormal Community for Research and has investigated over 1000 haunted locations. Throughout the years Stacey has teamed up with Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson, Chip Coffey, John Zaffis, Patrick Burns, Chris Fleming, Christopher Moon, Jeff Belanger of Ghost Village and “Researcher for “Ghost Adventures” and Dr. Barry Taff.

For more information on Stacey’s possible presentations (lectures and ghost walks) please visit her webpage.

MoZaic Joins E2 Live!

E2 Live! is happy to announce the addition of MoZaic to their roster!

MoZaic has always been a lover of music. From dancing as hard as she could at family functions to rapping lyrics on her toy recording machine, MoZaic first started out by singing leads in her choir in church. This was when she realized that singing was her saving grace. She believes that sound and melody have healing elements. MoZaic received a guitar for her 21st birthday, and it was then that her life changed forever. She sings to evoke feelings in a numb society. Being MoZaic truly means being comprised of many elements such as organic but edgy sound, with a hippies laid back demeanor and the wild passion of a rockstar. All of these make up…MoZaic…blended pieces to make art…art is music!!! “Feel me or Feel me Not!”

MoZaic recently showcased at APCA Nationals in Atlanta, GA. For more information regarding MoZaic please contact E2 Live! at 315-468-0769.

The CHOICES We Make with Danielle Pitcher

In her presentation, Danielle will share her personal and powerful story, and emphasize the ways in which the choices we make impact our lives.

At a glance Danielle Pitcher may seem like any recent college graduate, unfortunately Danielle made one decision during her third year of college, and the repercussions of that decision now distinguish her from not only her peers, but from any crowd.

On Saturday, January 22, 2011 Danielle chose to get behind the wheel of her car after having had consumed alcohol with friends.  Danielle did not simply get caught drinking and driving, she crashed head on into an experience that was completely avoidable.  Because of that one decision to drive after drinking, a series of unavoidable events were set into motion.  Danielle was the cause of a car accident involving six people, herself included.  One of her closest friends died as a result from injuries suffered in the accident.  Danielle was brought up on criminal charges, and later pled guilty to vehicular manslaughter in the second degree and sentenced in criminal court.  One decision completely derailed and rerouted Danielle’s life, and impacted a web of people connected to her.

Mike McKay Band Joins E2 Live!

E2 Live! is excited to announce that Mike McKay Band has joined E2 Live!

The Mike McKay Band is an original, fun pop rock band hailing from Syracuse, NY.  Winners of the Syracuse Area Music Award for best pop album of 2012, they bring the original feel and party atmosphere to any sized venue.  Brilliantly talented musicians backing an elite vocalist will leave your audience speechless!